Welcome to Let it OUT Productions! Proudly serving Southwest Colorado’s LGBTQIA+ Family.

LGBTQIA+ Community Forum

Let It Out Productions is hosting a community forum.

We would like to introduce our new production:

Living the Rainbow
Stories of Coming Out and Transitions

In this forum we will explore life in Durango for the LGBTQIA+ family through activities and discussions.

We will take all this information and create a theater production that will foster love and connection in this beautiful town. We look forward to meeting you and hearing your stories.


Our Vision

Let It Out Productions envisions the day when each and every member of the LGBTQIA family is recognized and treated with respect and dignity in all families, communities and the world.


Our Mission

Let It Out Productions will provide platforms for the LGBTQIA family to share individual stories of coming out and transitioning. The players will explore their story and use the arts to express it on stage creating a triumphant theatrical production. The audience will be transported to a place that feeds the soul, opens the heart, and breaks down barriers. Building love and connection in each community.



Kristi Dean



WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU People with a heartwarming, funny, inspirational, surprising, magical, encouraging, moving, or fabulous Coming Out or Transition story. We want to work with you to share your story on stage. People who have lived through their stories and have come out on top, triumphant! People who are OUT, PROUD and HAPPY. They understand their story has meaning and are eager and willing to share it with their community through a variety of art forms. For example: dance, music, visual art, story telling, comedy, poetry etc... People who are motivated to create and deliver the most extraordinary, life altering, imaginative and moving theatrical production.