Living the Rainbow in Durango, CO


Patrick who is playing the your host, the Genie Pander-een in tonight’s play, has a long history in theater and art. As a youth he was always involved in art winning awards and a scholarship to S.F. Art Institute. He has shown his art in galleries and has been in many juried art shows.  Patrick has self-published several books of his homo-erotic, gay digital art. Patrick first began acting in high school when the theater bug bit. He played  a wealthy, eccentric ghost in Emlyn William’s A Murder has been Arranged and as dour Comrade O’Brien in Orwell’s 1984. Later, in Hawaii, he joined two theater groups in Volcano and the Aloha Theater in Kona. He co-wrote and acted in Hold Fast to Dreams along with playwright Peter Charlot and he has re-written that same play setting it in the Four Corners. Patrick was invited to design sets for over twenty-five productions including South Pacific, Fiddler on the Roof, Gypsy, The King and I, Annie Get You Gun and Finnian’s Rainbow, Music Man, Angry Housewives and Oliver. Other plays he designed for included Wait Until Dark, Hamlet, The Enchanted Toll Booth, and here at the Durango Art Center, Hark the Harold Neville Angel Sings. Patrick has written two novels, The Sage of Aquarius (available on Amazon) and he self-published The Comic Wars of Earth. He has also written a collection of personal short stories about his sexual journey titled Little Deaths (Petit Morts). Patrick’s love of art, theater and educating the world about gay truth and queer culture has lead him to join this cast and share the story of his search for the way out of his decades long closeting.

Axanda has always had the dream of being a performer. She started out in middle school performing on stage from plays to singing on stage in choirs and for talent shows. She did this all the way up through high school.Now Axanda plays ukulele, sings to her friends and family and through the streets of Durango. She hopes to get somewhere. This opportunity with Living the Rainbow is definitely a start for her.

Edward, a Native American Gay Male, is a Southern Ute Tribal Member from Southern Ute Indian Reservation in Ignacio, Colorado.Edward lives in Ignacio, CO with his husband, Anthony Box. Edward came out of the closet at the age of 22 while living in Fort Launderdale, FL.Edward holds the position of Culture Preservation Director of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.Edward enjoys beading, crafting, relearning his Ute language, and teaching his culture and traditional ways to the younger generation.

Sharing her coming out stories in Let It Out Productions’ “Living the Rainbow: Stories of Coming Out and Transitions” will be the first Durango performance of Barbara. Born to immigrant parents who instilled in her all of their Asian values, yet sought to Americanize her upbringing with all of the opportunities of their adopted country, her many years of questioning often seemed to mimic the parallel life she lived as a first generation American-born Asian, moving between different “worlds.” Recently retired,  Barbara continues to enjoy an active lifestyle and remains grateful to her family and friends for their love and encouragement, and for all of their shared laughter and adventures. #trustthejourney

Kay is eleven and is in Fifth Grade. Kay loves singing and dancing. Kay was on stage once before in a ballet recital. Kay identifies as non-binary and goes by the pronouns They and Them.
Kay is excited to be performing in Living the Rainbow and living their life OUT Proud.

Kay believes everyone should be able to express themselves however they want.

Jessica grew up in Tennessee and North Carolina and has been loving life in Durango since 2001.
Sugar can be found creating laughter with her improv comedy troupe Durango DOT Comedy, performing in the Durango Snowdown Follies,as well as with Mime Mania, Secret Circus Society and every now and then participating in worldwide belly dance flash mobs with Shimmy Mob to raise money for charities.

Andy the Great:

Andy the Great started performing as a Drag King at the Snowdown Drag Show at El Rancho in 2015. This is Andy’s first performance in a theater production. Andy is a professional videographer and photographer specializing in producing video commercials for local businesses. Andy also does Senior Portraits, Wedding videos and photos, real estate photography, and head shots for business professionals. Andy is the official videographer and photography for Let It Out Productions.


Julylee is a makeup artist and freelance photoshop and graphics designer. When she’s not working she’s performing at shows all over the four corners. Julylee has performed in Dragrango in Durango, at Pride festivals and recently at Dragcula with the Four Corner’s Alliance for Diversity.

Aluna Del Ray:
Nick (Aluna Del Ray) is a former journalist turned Drag performer. Performing under the name “Aluna Del Rey” Nick has always dreamed of being a performer.”Aluna Del Rey” won the title of “Miss Dragrango 2018”. Living the Rainbow is Nick’s first theater experience in many years. Nick was a theater buff in high school.

Lacey was a theater major at Gibbs School for the Performing Arts in St. Petersburg, FL. Lacey has had many theatrical roles over the years and has performed in community theater. Today Lacey is the proud mother of Kay Coombs. Lacey is excited to be a part of Living the Rainbow. She loves that she is able to support Kay and at the same time support her mom Kristi Dean all in one show.

Originally from Atlanta,GA– Lance is a folk musician based here in Durango. I am a cis-gendered heterosexual male, if it matters! I grew up in a southern repressed and strict culture. I was taught by religion and my Mother to love and be kind but shown by social norms that folks abandoned common decency and acceptance when faced with diversity. As I grew up and learned of the struggles and hate my friends and family faced for simply being who they are… It opened my eyes to the common thread that we all share who do not fit the molds and paradigms, and how precious and powerful that simple human connection is. I stand with all my brothers and sisters in defiance of all cruel and unjust acts and behavior. We change the world by loving it, thriving among ourselves and enduring the pain of change… And that’s why i sing.