Friday August 2nd, 2024 (2019) 5:00pm to 9:00pm Rocket Pointe Community Room

What will you be, do and have in five years?

Set your five year goals. Will you earn $100,000 per week, month or year? Will you publish a book that's chosen for the New York Time's Bestseller list? Will you buy your dream home, boat, or car? Will you take your dream vacation? What awards or recognition will you receive in your business? Will you be on the cover of any magazines? Will you be a guest on Ellen or Saturday Night LIve?

Create your evidence that these goals have been achieved.

Create a check written to you for $100,000. Make a cover of the book you are going to have published. Don't forget to add the label New York Time's Bestseller. Bring a picture of your dream home, boat or car. Create a photo album of all your vacation adventures. Get a trophy made that represents the award you have received or frame the awards you hav received. Make a mock up of the magazine cover with your picture on the front. Show everyone a picture of you sitting onstage with Ellen.

Arrive at the GALA

Arrive as who you will be five years from now. Dress in your very best. Speak only in the present tense the entire evening as if it were already 2024. All your goals have been achieved and all your dreams have come true. You will be video taped as you arrive. Bring props to show everyone what you have achieved in the past five years. Such as best selling books you’ve written, magazine covers you have been on, awards you have won and photographs or scrapbooks of your achievements. Throughout the evening you will have the opportunity to applaud others in their achievements and to receive congratulations.

Your Amazing Hosts for this dream gala

Join us for a celebration that will stretch your imagination and catapult you into your own future.

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